Lucasfilm Animation Singapore (LAS) Training Department
Success Story #01
I am sharing the following experience from my subjective point of view. In reality, it required team-effort to make this training department a success, so i want to thank the following people from the bottom of my heart for their contribution.
Special Thanks to
Chris Kubsch (for being such supportive and encouraging leader)
Shawn Kellly (for helping to make the course extra great & special)
Mark Marcin (for being a great teamplayer and instructor)
Peishan Chan (for adding a beautiful spirit to the department)
June Han (for your endless support and encouragement)
I have been brought on board at the very beginning
When Lucasfilm decided in 2005 to open up their first Asian production house in Singapore, I have been brought on board at the very beginning (employee #5 as a matter of fact), to help strategizing and setting up the training department for Lucasfilm.
While today the Lucasfilm/ILM training department delivers training needs depending on productions, it was of different nature at LAS at first. My job was to design a training program that would ramp-up the new hires first in animation, then in the areas of lighting and VFX to produce the CG “Clone Wars” TV Series in-house. Due to my four years of living and teaching in Singapore prior, I also helped bringing some of the strongest local talents into this training programme.
The LAS trainees were prepared to produce the first season of the Star Wars CG TV Series "Clone Wars" in-house.
Before the ramp-up program was executed under my supervision, I understudied the training program and VFX production pipeline at ILM in San Rafael, CA (Kerner Building/Skywalker Ranch and The Rock) which enabled me to understand the requirements and to decide on the approach I was taking for the training.
I have created the timeline and milestones for the trainnig in close collaboration with the ILM Training Department, LAS Human Resources, Technical Director and Animaton supervisor. Even though it was a CG TV Series I have added drawing essentials, such as gesture drawing and life drawing to the mix, which I still believe to this day help building a strong foundation for any aspiring animation artist.
The close collaboration with ILM in San Rafael enabled us to bring in some of the heavy weights
...such as Star Wars Animation Director ‘Rob Coleman’ and Animation Mentor co-founder ‘Shawn Kelly’ to Singapore as part of the program to execute training components and/or workshops.
Animation Director "Robert Coleman" visiting LAS for a workshop with the animation trainees.
While my job was really to design the program and oversee the smooth operation of the training, I am particularly proud managing the set-up of our art-room in which we executed life drawing, acting classes and a like, and in which I also taught some of the training components myself. I enjoyed mentoring the trainees and helped them with career path decisions within the company and made myself available when a trainee felt the need to discuss their job scopes and/or creative ambitions.
It was also part of my role to reach out to local Universities and schools to collaborate on common goals such as talent development overall, industry attachments, research development, workshops, and internship programs.
Lucasfilm Animation Singapore (LAS) eventually produced the 'Clone Wars' TV Series with the trainees of the initially established ramp-up training program. The company still operates successfully today focusing more on VFX work under the ILM label and is operating in the Sandcrawler building now which is located in the Fusionopolis area of Singapore.
LAS - A Brief History Of The Early Beginnings In Images
AWN coverage LAS opening on November 9th, 2005
What people say
Senior Animator, ILM, Vancouver
Oliver was the training manager at Lucasfilm Singapore and he oversaw my development as an animator in the early days and has always offered great guidance throughout his time there.
Production Designer, Paramount Pictures, USA
Oliver is teacher and a professional. He provides support and knowledge in so many aspects of animation. He is a delight to work with — I hope to work with him again…
Lead Animator, ILM, Singapore
I was part of the training Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, where Oliver was in charge of the artistic development and where he prepared the course material and working with his US counterparts to prepare the team for animation production on the CG TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars".
Animator, Blue Sky Studios, USA
Oliver and I had worked together since the first days of the formation of Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. He was the in charge of Artistic Development of the artists that were hired for the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" project…
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