River Dance
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Boards have been developed entirely without a script.
Story Artist
Cinesite Montreal, Canada
River dance [Prologue]
Keagan and grandpa sitting on the lighthouse porch overlooking the sea, like every summer Keagan spends his time with grandpa helping him operating and maintaining the lighthouse.
Before they start operating the lighthouse, they need the logbook to write down the weather details, as part of the responsibilities of a light-house keeper.
The two are getting along great and its a true pleasure each time for Keagan to spend time with grandpa and help him getting the lighthouse running.
Suddenly grandpa doesn't seem so well, so Keagan decides to let grandpa rest and finalise the preparations for the lighthouse himself.
Just when Keagan was about to start the lighthouse something terrible happens that will change Keagan's life forever.
Storyboard Panels
After establishing the location, we join '"Keagan"" and his grandpa relaxing on the deck of grandpa's lighthouse before the sun sets and the work as lighthouse-keepers begins.
I've been brought during early development of the film, do create the epilogue and prologue of 'Riverdance', at the time a script didn't exist.
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